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SHAPE THE FUTURE is a new and innovative artistic platform by Mexican-German choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez.

Working with an international team and exclusively in public spaces, SHAPE THE FUTURE produces the projects URBAN BODIES PROJECT and DECOLONYCITIES.

In cities across the globe, SHAPE THE FUTURE realizes performative works in museums, at ports, at monuments, and in many other colonially influenced urban spaces. Through dance interventions, new perspectives emerge at these colonial sites of memory, allowing both artists and visitors to reflect on political, local and international inscriptions and to show their relevance in the context of decolonization.

SHAPE THE FUTURE is a search for traces.

Around 30 dancers and artists from China, Germany, Mexico, Namibia, Tanzania, Togo, Rwanda, Spain and Uganda have been part of these projects. More than 1500 people have witnessed this process and we have been walking more than 100 km through cities worldwide. Over 20 Institutions have been funding these projects until now. Decolonizing projects around the globe are more important than ever. The body is history and history is like a prism – three-dimensional and versatile, just like the body.

Yolanda Gutiérrez

Artistic Director


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