From November 4th to 6th, 2022 – International Dance Festival  Jalisco

For the first time the project was presented by night. In this new creation by  Gutiérrez together  with the dancers Omar, Cynthia and Syanya as well as with the dramaturge Antonio Salinas and the musician Ciro Liberato they started at the „Edificio Arroniz“.

Track 1:

This building was built as a convent and was also used to house young men who went to war.

We would like to start this tour by not talking about this very uncomfortable and undesirable subject.

The war between colonisers and colonised.

A war to defend territory, beliefs, bodies.

The war of advantages and disadvantages

The war of cosmogonies, devotions and cruelties.

We are also the absence of the bodies of both sides that we lost in the war.

We are the ones who accompany each other and make joy out of death.

We are the history of cruelty and genocide.

By Atonio Salinas

Through different sites of the historic center like the Cathedral our thoughts and reflections goes from the imposition of the catholic religion, to the given name of the musician „Liberato“, which means liberated and that how slaves were called as they gained their status of „free-man and woman“.

We finalized at the „Plaza Fundadores“, where the city of Guadalajara was founded and where a huge emblematic tableau shows both the colonizers and colonized. The first ones standing, the second ones on their knees. The audience listen to our arguments of what you see behind those representations of bodies. While on the other side the first Mexican Native and first Human Right activist, who fought against the Spanish people, stands proud and with head up. His name was Francisco Tenamaxtle.

URBAN BODIES PROJECT – GUADALAJARA is a decolonizing performative walk through architecture, the stories of spaces and bodies, in different sites in the center of the city of Guadalajara. A project created by the Mexican-German choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez, who since 2017 has presented it in different versions at international festivals in Europe. For the first time she presented it in Mexico first in the framework of the Festival de Teatro en Plazas Públicas in the CDMX in its 25th edition and now in Guadalajara at the Festival Internacional de Danza, Jalisco 2022.

Decolonize your mind! Decolonize your body! Decolonize your city!

[Concept/Choreography] Yolanda Gutiérrez

[By and with] Omar Gabino, Cynthia Agredano, Syanya Sánchez
[Dramaturgy] Antonio Salinas
[Assistance] Alexej Schmidt
[Audio/Music] Ciro Liberato
[Costumes] Judith Portocarrero                                                                                                    [Narrators voice] Yolanda Gutiérrez, Antonio Salinas & Team.
[Production Guadalajara] Javier Rodríguez

[Fotos]Refugio Ruíz – Cultura Jalisco

A production of  yolanda gutiérrez & projects and Goethe Zentrum Guadalajara (Goethe-Institut Mexico) and the Ministry of Culture and Media Hamburg.

With friendly support from Secretaria de Cultura de Jalisco.

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