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Judith Mauch

Dramaturgy /Hamburg

Trained as an actress at the Bühnenstudio der Darstellenden Künste and studied art history and German language and literature with a focus on theatre. Since 2001 she has directed the children’s theatre BühneBumm together with Katrin Sagener, funded by the Hamburg Department of Culture. She has various engagements in film, theatre, dubbing and as a narrator (Studio HH/NDR). She regularly reads audio books for the Hörbücherei Hamburg. She also teaches theatre at grammar school and develops free projects with children and young people. Her focus is on the implementation of performative and artistic concepts. She has already worked with choreographer Yolanda Gutierrez as artistic assistant on the piece „Axel&Axel“ (2013), as a performer in the installation Dead Dance Zone at MARKK (2017) and at Galerie Mbassy (2020), and as a dramaturg at DECOLONYCITIES Hamburg-Windhoek in June 2022. She has also been involved with the platform SHAPE THE FUTURE as a dramaturg since 2021.

Lucia Lilen Heffner

Assistant Management

Born in Buenos Aires, studied textile design in her hometown. After working as a freelance designer for several projects in Argentina, she decided to move to Hamburg to do her Master of Arts at HAW-DMI. She has been working with Gutiérrez since 2020, supporting her in her productions: DEAD DANCE ZONE-Mbassy, BISMARCK-DEKOLONIAL online&live, DECOLONYCITIES KIGALI-HAMBURG, Alice & Michel, URBAN BODIES PROJECT-HAMBURG (Re-Mapping HH-Lisboa), DECOLONYCITIES Kigali & Windhoek-Hamburg and lately at URBAN BODIES PROJECT-Mexico City. She has been part of the SHAPE THE FUTURE team from the beginning.

Eva Lomby Boiro

Dancer / Actres

She is a French dancer and actress with a multicultural background. She started ballet at early age working as a dancer in many countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Switzerland. She also toured the world and worked for the famous Spanish choreographer Nacho Duato. Her greatest desire has always been to be in front of the camera and tell stories. In 2021, she was chosen to play Gia in her first feature film, „Birds of Paradise“, an Amazon production.
She met Gutiérrez in 2021 at the project „URBAN BODIES PROJECT-HAMBURG-Remapping Memories Lisboa-Hamburg.“ She was part of the Triennal of Photography in Hamburg as model for the photo installation of Rwandan photographer Chris Schwagga as well as for a performative performance during the vernissage for the Triennal in June 2022 at the Museum for Hamburg History.

Zainab X

Narrators voice

is a hamburg-based activist amongst African groups in the Diaspora. Since studying law in the UK, she has worked and volunteered within the fields of immigration, civil liberties, and human rights. She currently works as an advisor, supporting those who have experienced racial discrimination. She also takes part in developing art and media projects, with a focus on diversity.  As a community organiser, she supports the creation of spaces for collective learning and self care for Black people, specifically Women*

Fabian Villasana (aka Calavera)

Graphic Design

Studied fine arts and graphic design in his native Mexico. After more than ten years of working in advertising and marketing for various agencies, he now brings his experience from intercultural dialogue into his works. This results in interfaces and interactions between music, languages and cultures. As a transmitter, he switches between the channels. He works with different techniques such as screen printing, linoleum, acrylic and video installation for various festivals and theatre projects in Hamburg and Berlin. He is currently developing projects on the theme of decolonization, such as the video mapping interventions of the Otto von Bismarck monument in Hamburg through the platform SHAPE THE FUTURE in which he has been involved since 2021.

Andrea Möller

Press and Public Relations

Born in Hamburg, studied applied cultural sciences and lived and worked outside Hamburg for many years. She has been back in the Hanseatic city for 20 years and is involved as a communications consultant with her office Möller for various cultural projects ranging from visual arts, building culture, design, theatre or dance. These included documentaIX, MMK Frankfurt/Main, Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin, art-in-building competitions for the new government buildings in Berlin, stilwerk GmbH, vernetzt#- Das Zukunftscamp of the ZEIT Foundation and Kampnagel, as well as the German-Turkish cultural festival Goldene Hochzeit (Golden Wedding), which she initiated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the recruitment agreement. She has been part of the SHAPE THE FUTURE team since 2021 and also publishes her own art newsletter „Kunstflâneur“ twice a month.

Igor Sherba

Audio Artist - Film

Studied music and art in the Ukraine in 1998. In 2000 he studied musicology in Tel Aviv (Israel). Since 2000 he has been producing his own music and working as a „ghost producer“ and sound designer. In 2015 Igor, along with 20 people around the world, won the John Lennon Foundation Scholarship and received a diploma in Audio Engineering after 2 years of study in collaboration with Middlesex University. Since 2017, Igor has been working for several music production companies, focusing on sound library publishing. Since the beginning of 2018, Igor has been working as a mixing engineer for the team at Riemann Kollektion Berlin, this is a very well-known brand in the popular German techno scene, which was founded by Florian Meindl. He also works in film and photography. Since 2018 he has collaborated with Yolanda Gutiérrez and is part of the platform SHAPE THE FUTURE.

Heiko Büter

Dramaturgy /Hamburg

He studied at the Folkwang University of the Arts.Beside he studied Alexander Technique. From 2000 to 2007 he became a member of the Tanztheater Bremen. As dancer he worked with Urs Dietrich, Susanne Linke, Heidrun Vielhauer/ Rotraut de Néve, Daniel Goldin, Anna Huber, Isabelle Schad, Mark Sieczkarek, Rudolpho Leonie, Reinhild Hoffmann and others. He was choreographic assistant to Urs Dietrich and later assistant director to Rotraut de Néve. Heiko Büter has developed several choreographies for theatre productions at the Moks Bremen, Staatsschauspiel Oldenburg and Thalia Theater Hamburg, among others. In 2022, he worked for the first time as dramaturg with the choreographer/video artist/curator Yolanda Gutiérrez in the project „DEKOLONYCITIES Windhoek-Hamburg“.

Yolanda Gutiérrez

choreographer / Producer

Born in Mexico City, lives in Hamburg.  

Studied contemporary dance in Mexico City and New Dance & Performance in Hanover. Since 2001 she has also been working with video. Her project „SUPERHERO“ was awarded a prize by the Federal Agency for Civic Education in 2009 and subsequently funded. „SUPERHERO“ opened Kampnagel’s 2010/2011 season. Her school project „SUPERHERO ACADEMY“ was nominated as one of the best theatre productions for young people by the Theatertreffen der Jugend in Berlin in 2011. She has been working with Kampnagel since 2010 and produced her dance projects there: „Romeo vs. Romeo“, „Axel & Axel“ and „Dead Dance Zone“ among others. In Africa she has been working as choreographer since 2015, in Senegal, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. The project „URBAN BODIES PROJECT“ has been released at international dance festivals worldwide: THEATER DER WELT in Hamburg 2017, JULIDANS in Amsterdam 2019, DIE IRRITIERTE STADT in Stuttgart 2020, Festival Teatro en Plazas Públicas in Mexico City 2022, and most recently at the Festival Internacional Danza Jalisco in Guadalajara 2022. In October 2019, their first „DECOLONYCITIES“ project premiered with dancers from Dar es Salaam and Hamburg around the Port of Hamburg. The second one between Kigali and Hamburg was realized around the MARKK Museum in June 2021 thanks to the Elbkulturfonds and the third project was realized between Windhoek and Hamburg in 2022 thanks to funding from the National Performance Network/joint adventures together with the Museum of Hamburg History and Kampnagel. Two years ago, thanks to funding from Tanzpakt-Reconnect, she founded her artistic platform SHAPE THE FUTURE and has been working with a permanent team ever since. The following projects have still emerged from this: BISMARCK-DEKOLONIAL, Alice & Michel and URBAN BODIES PROJECT Re-Mapping Hamburg-Lisboa, besides the two DECOLONYCITIES projects mentioned above.

In June 2023, she will conceive the interactive installation „Archives of Memories at the Theater Rampe“, which will be performed as a result of the #takeheart NFT residency by the Fonds Darstellende Künste in Stuttgart between April and May 2022.

She was invited to Munich as a fellow for the „global dis:connect“ programme of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg of the Ludwig-Maximilian University and will complete a fellowship there until July 2023.

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