May 30th to June 30th, 2021
DecolonyObjects at Zwischenraum MARKK, Museum Hamburg.

As part of DECOLONYCITIES KIGALI-HAMBURG , a project by Yolanda Gutiérrez, the Rwandan illustrator Dolph Banza will set up his studio at the space ZWISCHENRAUM in MARKK in order to interact with objects . In the style of the previous draftswomen at the museum, whose work is dedicated to the permanent exhibition “Excellent: Women Inventors”, he interprets this historical profession in a contemporary decolonizing way. You can see him until friday june 5th.

It is not a matter of course to find old Rwandan objects / tools today, and the existing documentation is also poor. I’m glad I got the chance to interact with the objects through illustration. Some of the objects from the museum that I was able to see are so rare that I saw them for the first time. Although I am an illustrator by profession, my academic background is that of an engineer, which helps me understand both technical and artistic drawing. I’m looking forward to this task because I can do both at the same time. „Dolph Banza

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