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SHAPE THE FUTURE is a platform dedicated to expand artistic structures within the international dance context, with it’s main focus on the projects URBAN BODIES PROJECT, DECOLONYCITIES and DECONSTRUCT SPACES

The Mexican-German choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez has been realizing these projects in public spaces since 2017. Through dance interventions in the form of decolonizing city-tours in public spaces, new views are given to relevant spaces such as landmarks, as the colonial and historical presence is examined and exposed. These projects that have already been realized in cooperation with festivals, museums and theatres in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Stuttgart, are now being implemented in other cities as part of a newly founded platform called SHAPE THE FUTURE.

Recently developed is the project DECONSTRUCT SPACES which serves as an extended format of the two projects URBAN BODIES PROJECT and DECOLONYCITIES. While the other two projects deal concretely with the reappraisal of colonial history, DECONSTRUCT SPACES is primarily intended for those cities that have no direct colonial past. In this way, other historical mechanisms of power are also deconstructed on the basis of dance.

The next dates in 2022 are:

DECOLONYCITIES WINDHUK-HAMBURG in June between Windhuk and Hamburg.
Funded by National Performance Netz /Stepping Out and the Ministry of culture and media Hamburg . In Collaboration with the Museumfor Hamburg History and Kampnagel

URBAN BODIES PROJECT – MEXICO CITY: March to November 2022 in Mexico City funded by Goethe-Institut Mexico, Ministry of Culture and Media, DfDk Guest performance fund.