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Foto: Munimum Photography * 2021 * DECOLONYCITIES DAR-HH

DECOLONYCITIES are the follow-up projects of URBAN BODIES PROJECT, which deal with the decolonizing view of the city of Hamburg. For the project, a group of performers from the former German colonies will be invited to Hamburg and will deal with the colonial past anchored in public space through on-site artistic research. The focus is on the interweaving of individual experiences and biographies of the actors with the history of the respective city. This creates a performative walk in which the audience becomes witness. Via headphones, they receive an audio piece that locates the performative live interventions of the performers in the urban space. In this way, the group opposes the testimonies of colonialism, which are supposedly carved in stone, with their own physical-choreographic perspective. This creates a critical, artistic and decolonized view of the city.

So far, two projects have been implemented with the cities of Dar es Salaam and Kigali. Further projects with the cities of Lomé, Yaoundé and Windhoek are being planned.