Design: Dr. Calavera


DECONSTRUCT SPACES is a dance project in the form of a choreographic exploration and investigates questions about power relations in our cities. What are the mechanisms of power, authority and oppression? Where does political oppression begin: in architecture, in monuments, and in the signs of the city? How can these power relations be embodied and made visible choreographically? How can we as spectators and artistic actors experience the city anew? Where does the history of the city inscribe itself in our bodies? With what consciousness do we move in public space? How can a choreography of bodies and dance expression influence or oppress systems of power? Dancers, artists and performers analyze their history and perception of urban structures and translate their interpretation into a performance in public space. The dance project leaves these questions open so that diverse interpretations can coexist. The aim is to show the tensions of power and conflicts in society, such as racism and migration, as traces in the city.
A new and open debate about power in visible and invisible sign systems of the urban environment is opened and deepened through dance and performance.

DECONSTRUCT SPACES is primarily intended for those cities that have no direct colonial past. While the other two projects deal concretely with the reappraisal of colonial history,