DIÁLOGOS - video series about decolonization

In our first video from the new video series DIÁLOGOS, choreographer Yolanda Gutiérrez talks to Rwandan photographer Chris Schwagga, who already worked together with her in 2021 on the DECOLONYCITIES. In May 2022, he will participate in the 8th Triennial of Photography in Hamburg. His works will be shown at Upper Hall of the Museum for Hamburger History. It is about his experiences in Hamburg, his work with the city and a decolonizing view on it. You can see the episodes of the video series DIÁLOGOS every three months on the YouTube channel SHAPE THE FUTURE.

In the second video DIÁLOGOS, Namibian dancer and choreographer Justina Nashipolo Andreas talks with Yolanda Gutiérrez at the Museum of Hamburg History, where they are rehearsing for the DECOLONYCITIES Windhoek-Hamburg<7b> project.

The third video from the series this year will be with French dancer Eva Lomby.