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Foto: Isadora Tast

Judith Mauch


Judith Mauch completed an apprenticeship as an actress at the stage studio of the performing arts and studied art history and German studies with a focus on theater. Since 2001 she has been running the BühneBumm children's theater together with Katrin Sagener, funded by the Hamburg cultural authority. She has various engagements in the field of film, theater, dubbing and as a speaker (Studio HH / NDR). She regularly reads audio books for the Hamburg audio library. She also works as a theater teacher at the grammar school and develops free projects with children and young people. Her focus is on the implementation of performative concepts. In March 2018, she staged a walk-in installation on the subject of domestic violence in a shop in Altona with the Danish artist Anette Habel. She already worked with the choreographer Yolanda Gutierrez in 1999 in her first piece "flesh & bone" as an actress and as artistic assistant in the piece "Axel & Axel" (2013) and most recently as a performer in the installation Dead Dance Zone in the Mbassy gallery in Hamburg ( 2020). In the 2021 season she will play for the youngest audience at the Feuchtwangen Cloister in her own play "Frederick" in the Nixel Garden. She knows Yolanda Gutiérrez since 20 years.


  Judith Mauch